We raise all color Labradors, including the not so common, Silver and Charcoal Labs. Don't be fooled by the color ..They are still  AKC Registered Labrador Retrievers.  The Charcoal is a dilution of the black and the silver is a dilution of the chocolate. If you want something new and fun, check out Our rare colors! Everywhere you go with your dog you will have people stopping to tell you how Beautiful your dog is.....We know it happens to us everyday! We have produced some of the most beautiful English Silver and Charcoal Labradors in Massachusetts.  All of our Labradors are very outgoing, loyal, sweet and most of all they are great family members. 

A yellow Labrador with the double dilute gene is called a Champagne.  A champagne Labrador can vary in color from almost white to red.  On the right is Brienne, on the left is Asti, they are both Champagne.  His mom was Charcoal and his dad was Silver.  He is a yellow that carries 2 dilute genes

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We 1st became interested in the silver-charcoal color approximately 18 years ago.  At this time most of the dogs we found were more of the American type Labradors.  Their heads were not as big and blocky as the English type, which I much preferred, and their bodies were a lot slimmer and not as bulky as the dogs I like.
Through selective breeding and much help from other reputable breeders, I have finally come up with a look (and health clearances) that I would like to pass on to many more generations of silver-charcoal Labs.  
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  Silver is a dilution of the chocolate gene.
When you breed a dilute (silver-charcoal) Labrador to a yellow, black, or chocolate Labrador, you will not get any silver or charcoal puppies.  Instead, you will get black, yellow, or chocolate pups and they will be silver-charcoal factored.  This means that they carry the dilute gene and if bred to another Lab that carries the dilute gene, they may give birth to silver and/ or charcoal puppies.

 Charcoal is a dilution of the black gene.
​This is Ivan.  Him and his sister Tila, are the foundation stock for most of our Charcoals.
They are both beautiful specimens of what I am trying to accomplish with my silver-charcoal breeding program.  They are both great looking dogs with wonderful personalities, good hips and eyes, and great temperaments.